“The more you put in between your customer and your message, the less customers you will have.”

Dan Henry

That quote really jumped out at me recently when I attended a talk by Dan Henry. As someone who’s sold over 10 million dollars worth of courses, he oughta know! So Dan’s advice, especially as it relates to his evergreen webinar strategy, was something I knew I had to take seriously.

Like me and many other course creators, Dan used EverWebinar to host his evergreen online training for a long time. After all, EverWebinar is probably the most popular webinar software out there. But when he made the switch to a simpler system it made a big difference: boosting sales and conversion rates dramatically.

Making the Switch

I have made this switch myself, and I’m super excited to share with you here how this process has worked for me. Because even though EverWebinar helped me sell 7-figures, this change is something I do not regret.

Let’s dive into exactly how I made my evergreen webinar system a lot simpler, and how you can do the same. Ready?

Looking For Alternatives

Truth is, I’ve been looking for a good alternative to EverWebinar for a while. It’s clunky, it’s not very user-friendly, and it’s caused some unnecessary confusion for my students along the way.

On my quest to find a better software, I’ve tried just about everything I could find: ClickMeeting, Demio, EasyWebinar, StealthSeminar, WebinarNinja… you get the idea. 

Each of those options has some advantages, and they may be a great fit for some people. But in my experience, they simply weren’t as good as EverWebinar. And that’s not saying a whole lot!

An Important Realization

What I didn’t realize back then is that I don’t actually need any evergreen webinar software. The perfect software for me doesn’t exist, because I don’t need it. 

How does that even make sense? Let’s think about that quote from Dan Henry again. Potential customers are going to be turned off by whatever separates them from the message we’re trying to convey. He’s basically saying that fewer hoops to jump through equals more customers. 

How Traditional Webinars Work

Before getting into what I do now, let’s look at how traditional evergreen webinars are set up. For the most part, my old webinars looked a lot like this too:

  • Opt-in page touting the benefits of attending
  • Multiple dates and times available to attend
  • Registration confirmation sent to the potential customer’s email inbox
  • Multiple email reminders
  • A “waiting room” with a countdown until the presentation begins
  • Inside the presentation, multiple ways to give the impression of being “live”
  • Clunky features that don’t always work

A Simpler Alternative

So, what’s a simpler alternative to handling evergreen webinars? If you go to my piano course website right now, here’s what you’d see:

  • A simple opt-in page asking only for an email address and first name – no confusing time/date options
  • Immediate access to the pre-recorded webinar presentation
  • No hassle, no gimmicks – just the presentation content

All the viewer has to do is turn on the sound and watch. A simple signup button appears about one hour into the presentation, and it stays there for the rest of the video. Sounds simple, right?

About That Signup Button…

Before explaining more, I want to tell you why I’ve decided to place my signup button at the 1-hour mark of my presentation.

Some people decide to watch the webinar on double-speed, others pause it repeatedly while they do other things. I’m sure some people also leave it playing in the background while they surf the web.

Having that specific timestamp trigger the enrollment option is my easiest way to make sure the right amount of content has been absorbed by the viewer. Too early, and they may not grasp exactly what I’m teaching or what I’m selling. Too late, and they might have already moved on with their day! So having that button show up at exactly the right moment just makes sense for me. From then on, it’s up to the viewer whether they want to take advantage of the opportunity.

The Benefits of a Simpler System

With this new system, there are a lot of benefits both for my business and for potential customers. I’m creating a better overall experience for everyone. Why? Because there are:

  • Fewer barriers between my message and my potential students
  • Fewer features that can malfunction or confuse people
  • Fewer support requests

Not only that, but this system means there is no confusion over whether the webinar is live. It’s clear that the content is pre-recorded. There’s no pretense involved, and I think that’s something everyone can appreciate.

Does it Work?

Of course, the ultimate question is whether this works. I’m here to tell you that it does work: in fact, it works a lot better than what I’ve been doing until now! 

Not only is the entire process of attending my webinars simpler, it converts a lot better. Based on the data from my past experience with EverWebinar, I used to be able to expect about a 5% conversion rate. Now with literally zero special webinar software, I’m seeing a lot better results so far.

How much better? Well, I’m still only a month in, so I can’t speak for long-term results. But a month is still a good chunk of time, and in that time I’ve seen up to 7% conversion rates.

I don’t know about you, but providing people with a better viewing experience and increasing my conversion rate to 7% – what’s not to love?

How to Simplify Your Own Webinar Funnel

At this point, you may be asking: “Jacques, how can I do this myself?” And I don’t blame you. 😉

I built this new system right in my existing landing page software: ClickFunnels. I didn’t have to sign up for a new service, or buy a new program – everything I needed was right in Click Funnels. (I’m actually saving money, since I won’t have to pay for EverWebinar anymore).

My new webinar funnel inside ClickFunnels is fairly basic. It includes:

  • An opt-in page
  • A watch-room for viewing the webinar
  • An order form
  • An order confirmation

If you’re already a ClickFunnels user, you can implement this even more easily than I did, using my ClickFunnels webinar template. If you’re not already using ClickFunnels, you can get my template free (along with some other free goodies) when you use my affiliate link for a ClickFunnels trial.

Having a template to work with makes this super-easy. Everything is already set up for you – you’ll just have to add your own presentation and pricing info to make the webinar your own. Trust me, after a long while spent trying to wrangle EverWebinar into submission, this is about a million times easier.

Join the Revolution

I’m all about making processes as simple and effective as possible, so I’m thrilled about how easy my new webinar setup is. And I hope you’ll join me, Dan Henry, and others in this webinar revolution!