Hi there! It’s me, Jacques (a.k.a. The Online Course Guy). I’m here with another podcast episode, this time with a fellow engineer who’s steadily built a following for his high-quality resources online.

Tom Geiss’ expertise in GD&T engineering knowledge is in high demand within his niche – a perfect intersection between passion and opportunity. Over the course of our conversation, he shared plenty of valuable insights with me about his process of course creation. So take a listen to hear what’s worked for him, and what he’d do differently if he was starting again.

No matter what, you do need to have

a dialogue with your users in some way.

-Tom Geiss

In This Episode, We Talked About:

  • Why Tom went in a different direction with his resources than he initially planned
  • The research tools Tom used to find the exact niche to focus on for his course
  • How Tom built a high-quality, content-rich web presence to take advantage of low competition in his niche
  • Tom’s strategy for increasing page views and bringing in potential students
  • Tom’s views on SEO and his goal to expand into other forms of traffic-building
  • The stages Tom went through before quitting his day job to focus on his online course
  • Tom’s advice for you as a future online course creator – regardless of your intended niche

You can hear all that and much more on today’s episode, so I hope you’ll give it a listen. And please remember to leave a comment and tell me your favorite tidbit from this episode!