Hey! Jacques here, a.k.a. The Online Course Guy. Today I’m back with another podcast episode exploring the ins and outs of online course creation. It was a pleasure to speak with my latest guest: art instructor extraordinaire Carla Sonheim.

Carla’s been offering online courses since 2010, so she has a wealth of experience for us to learn from. Her enthusiasm for her work and her students is clear, and the advice she shared was very inspiring.

This is your one precious life,
and you want to do the best you can to make it as [painless] as possible

-Carla Sonheim

In This Episode, We Talked About:

  • Why Carla created her very first course in 2010
  • How her lesson format and tech usage has evolved over time
  • The marketing methods that Carla uses to find new students
  • How Carla outsources most of her content but still maintains quality and brand consistency
  • The way that Carla reimburses instructors who teach classes on her website
  • Key resources Carla uses to run her business
  • Ways she’s planning on streamlining her process in the future
  • An important question that everyone interested in course creation should ask themselves

You can hear all that much more on today’s episode. And please remember to leave a comment and tell me your favorite tidbit from this episode!