Hi everyone! I’m Jacques, The Online Course Guy, and it’s time for another podcast. Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Chris and Julia Tunstall, creators of the A Bar Above mixology course.

I had so much fun not only hearing about the Tunstalls’ course, but learning how they got started and (of course) getting a personalized drink recommendation. Chris and Julia had plenty of insights to share about what has worked for them, and also what they might have done differently if they were starting over.

Don’t be afraid to start creating content. […] Have a long-term goal in view.

Chris Tunstall

In This Episode, We Talked About:

  • How Chris and Julia became a team, and the important roles they each play in their business
  • The moment Chris knew that he needed to create a mixology resource (spoiler alert – Julia talked him out of his initial idea!)
  • How they identified their sub-niche, and the surprising thing they learned about their typical customer just by asking questions
  • How they use segmentation to identify their customers’ needs and personalize user experiences
  • The evolution of Chris and Julia’s course content, and what they’ve learned along the way
  • The process that Chris and Julia used to pre-launch their course and build their email list – and why there were some tears shed at a New Year’s Eve party
  • Julia’s advice on how to get your feet wet with online course creation

You can hear all that and much more on today’s episode, so I hope you’ll give it a listen. And don’t forget to check out the 10% discount link below for the A Bar Above mixology course!