I had to think about what I can add […], that people would want to pay for?

-Mele Fong

Hey! Jacques here, a.k.a. The Online Course Guy. Today I’m back with another podcast episode exploring the ins and outs of online course creation. And this time around, I spoke with Maui-based musician and ukulele teacher Mele Fong.

Mele’s enthusiasm for all things ukulele made this conversation very fun. Not only that, the stories she told me in this episode illustrated several important points that course creators should understand. I hope you enjoy what you hear!

In This Episode, We Talked About:

  • The realization Mele had about the difference between free resources in her niche and what she had to offer
  • The important question Mele’s friend asked her when she first started
  • The reason Mele changed her strategy about the kind of content she would offer
  • How Mele structures her courses and segments lessons according to student needs
  • The way that Mele navigates the challenging problem of copyrights – and the silver lining she’s found along the way
  • The mistake Mele feels many new online course creators make – and a simple question that everyone interested in course creation should ask themselves
  • The constant challenge that Mele sees as key to success with online courses

You can hear all that and much more on today’s episode, so I hope you’ll give it a listen. And please remember to leave a comment and tell me your favorite tidbit from this episode!  


Mele’s Ukulele Website: https://ukulelemeleonmaui.com/

Mele’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy3vIWNCRB7vcPcqfh2ybgw

The Online Course Guy Website: https://theonlinecourseguy.com/