Today’s podcast was fascinating – we looked at a different model of online education that I’d never encountered before. Clay and Cindy Cooper have been providing online Spanish-learning opportunities since the 90’s, and they do it in a way that benefits Guatemalan teachers while helping students of Spanish all around the world

There is no crystal ball. Try to stay nimble

-Cindy Cooper

Just like anything else in life, one-size-fits-all isn’t always going to cut it, so it was great to hear about alternatives to the type of online course program that I’m familiar with/p>

In This Episode, We Talked About:

  • What inspired Clay and Cindy to set up an online Spanish-language platform
  • The goals that they started out with and how they have evolved over time
  • Unique advantages that the Coopers’ discovered through focusing on working with Guatemalan tutors
  • The necessary evolution that their website has gone through as technology and competition has changed
  • What a typical student’s learning process looks like when learning with a Spanish tutor through the Coopers’ site
  • The main marketing tools and keywords that Clay and Cindy use to promote their website
  • How the Coopers decided to switch from a profit to non-profit model, and the challenges that they faced during the process
  • The advice Clay and Cindy give to anyone interested in developing their own online learning platform

You can hear all that and much more on today’s episode, so I hope you’ll give it a listen. And don’t forget to comment and tell me what you think about the Cooper’s unique online education model!