I’m in celebration mode over today’s episode – my 30th to-date! Nate Dodson joined me as we listened to some advice I’ve recently received from some big names in the world of online entrepreneurs.

If you know that you’re providing what your audience wants, then you’re going to be successful.

–Jacques Hopkins

It was great to hear the different insights from so many individuals I respect and admire, and to chat with Nate about the evolution of both of our businesses since my very first podcast so long ago. I hope you enjoy listening in!

In This Episode, We Talked About:

  • Pat Flynn’s advice for course creators, and a cool tool for connecting with students that I implemented after my experience with enrolling for one of his courses
  • The steps Amy Porterfield thinks are key as you work towards developing your course content
  • John Lee Dumas’ perspective on the importance of niche when planning your very first online course
  • The mindset Phil Ebiner believes is the key to having your priorities in order for your business
  • Isaac Rudansky’s advice for keeping your online course grounded in meeting students’ actual needs
  • What Nate recommends you do before even thinking about the details of your course
  • The most important social platform I think every new course creator should get started with

I hope you enjoy this very special 30th-anniversary edition of the podcast! Feel free to chime in below with comments on which piece of advice got you thinking the most.