Just know that [your course] is going to grow, and plan ahead for that.

-Teresa Perleberg

To close out what has turned out to be a pretty busy week, I’m back with my interview with Teresa Perleberg, a relative newcomer to the world of online courses. Over the past year, she’s managed to turn her hobby and online retail business into a really cool learning opportunity for people interested in her niche of needle-felting.

I loved hearing Teresa’s story, and was impressed by her confidence and positivity. I think it’s safe to say her success to-date is just the beginning of more to come. Enjoy!

In This Episode, We Talked About:   

  • (3:58) Teresa’s transition from selling handmade products and supply kits to creating a course on how others could make their own needle-felted creations
  • (6:44) The reason she felt confident about expanding into online courses (hint: supply and demand!)
  • (6:57) What her course creation process looked like
  • (7:30) How she’s structured her course and set up her ever-expanding content offerings
  • (10:19) The pricing options in Teresa’s membership model, and the surprising results she’s achieved after past adjustments
  • (13:33) How Teresa’s multiple income streams are set up, and where she is currently creating the most revenue
  • (14:25) The struggles she’s currently facing as her business grows
  • (15:06) What she’d change if she were starting her online course over today
  • (16:02) The mastermind group she finds most helpful as an entrepreneur
  • (16:29) The surprising main traffic source to Teresa’s site, and the strategy she recommends based on what works for her
  • (18:03) How she uses SEO strategies, and the benefit she’s seen as a result of long-term work in this area
  • (19:10) What Teresa recommends for people who are interested in starting their own online course based on their hobbies and passions

That’s all for now, folks! See you next week for another episode of The Online Course Guy.


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