I’m going to go out on a limb here: I bet most of us can’t really imagine what it would be like creating online learning resources back when webcams hadn’t even been invented yet! But that’s exactly what my guest today did, and Jori Chisholm has been teaching bagpipes online ever since.

Find your unique voice. Find what it is that makes you different and appealing to a potential student.

– Jori Chisholm

The fact that Jori has been doing this for so long means he has a wealth of stories and experience to draw from, as well as a really good perspective on what has (and hasn’t) about the online learning sphere and what students in his niche are looking for. We had a great chat, so hang on to your hats and let’s do some time-traveling!

In This Episode, We Talked About:   

  • (3:32) What prompted Jori to register his website domain all the way back in 1999, and how the way he’s used it has evolved over time
  • (5:28) Why he was willing to give this formerly untraditional path a chance, and the technological advancement that opened up new horizons for remote learning
  • (7:17) The developmental timeline of Jori’s online business (personally I think he was pretty ahead of the curve in a lot of ways!)
  • (10:24) How he’s used his years of seeing what students want to set up his sales and pricing structure
  • (13:49) The way he’s collaborated with others to create unique content for his subscribers
  • (17:02) How Jori’s call-to-action and works on his website to help build rapport with potential students and grow his email list
  • (19:49) His favorite online services and SaaS products for his business
  • (22:25) How he’s using FB ads to grow his conversion rate, and how he’s targeting specific demographics
  • (25:09) Where most of Jori’s traffic comes these days
  • (25:38) The biggest challenge he’s currently facing, and how that’s shaped his goals for this year
  • (27:44) How his weekly work schedule looks
  • (31:31) His take on internet freebies and how his perspective has changed on the competition
  • (32:06) Jori’s excellent advice for aspiring course creators

That about does it for today! I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Jori and gained some knowledge along the way. I’ll be back soon with one of the most successful course creators I’ve ever spoken to – don’t forget to subscribe so you won’t miss it!


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