Today’s guest is probably the most successful course creator I’ve interviewed to-date! It was so cool to chat with Caitlin Pyle, on this episode of The Online Course Guy.  Caitlin’s proofreading courses have generated 7-figure income and trained a huge number of students how to become successful proofreaders from home. You’d better believe I’m double-checking this post before I hit the “Publish” button!

You’ve got to be invested in quality and value if you want to stand out.

-Caitlyn Pyle

It was great to get Caitlyn’s perspective on what worked (and didn’t) for her when she was first getting started. She had some great tips for aspiring course creators, and I’m still mulling over a lot of what she shared. Enjoy!

In This Episode, We Talked About:   

  • (4:17) The road that led Caitlyn from writing an ebook about her freelance experience to creating an online course
  • (7:11) How her husband inspired her along the way, and the cycle of generosity she feels plays a part in her success
  • (10:11) Caitlyn’s take on a common question she and I have both heard from people about our online courses
  • (12:10) The mindset she overcame while learning to create her course, and the tool she’s relied on since the beginning
  • (14:26) What Caitlyn’s workflow looks like now that her course has experienced such success
  • (15:59) How she has built her team and identified who she wants to work with along the way
  • (16:43) How she’s delegated to team members – and the cool way she makes sure everyone is motivated to keep the business successful
  • (19:14) The way that her business structure compliments her personality and leadership style
  • (22:02) Her perspective on investing time and money wisely
  • (22:39) The biggest thing she would do differently if she was starting over today
  • (23:49) Caitlyn’s thoughts on the challenge of selling courses on non-profitable skills, and a great piece of advice she gave a friend on this topic recently
  • (27:25) What some sample sales funnels look like for her courses
  • (31:45) How her automated webinars work and her process for creating videos
  • (35:52) The ways she communicates about pricing/tuition to potential enrollees
  • (36:30) Her recommendations for new course creators working with a limited budget

That wraps it up for today, but don’t forget to subscribe so you can keep up with all the latest episodes of The Online Course Guy. More great interviews are in the works, so I hope you stick around!


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