On today’s episode I had the chance to talk with Jeremy Deighan, course creator and online entrepreneur. Jeremy is a co-host with Phil Ebener on their own podcast about online courses, so this was an amazing chance to pick his brain on the topic.

Don’t be scared… go through the process, and figure out what you need to fix later on.

-Jeremy Deighan

Jeremy provided some great food for thought on how Udemy has worked as a platform for his business. In fact, during the course of our conversation Jeremy convinced me to make some of my own content available on this platform for the first time!

In This Episode, We Talked About:   

  • (4:29) How Jeremy first got into doing business online – and what hooked him on creating online courses
  • (6:53) The process behind creating his own course (on a relatively simple topic) and building it out into several additional related courses with more advanced information
  • (8:25) Why he got started on the Udemy platform and has continued on to incredible success there
  • (10:07) Some options he suggests for new course creators
  • (11:23) The restrictions that new Udemy course creators have on their content
  • (12:34) Jeremy’s interesting advice for me as someone who’s never used Udemy before
  • (13:46) His take on who comes to Udemy and why they might not find courses in some of the other ways that course creators have optimized for
  • (15:26) How Jeremy views Udemy’s segmented pricing strategies and recurrent discounts
  • (17:11) A bit about how Jeremy’s podcast co-host Phil Ebener’s approach to Udemy
  • (18:23) The other platform he sells his courses on, and why
  • (19:31) What his course creation process has looked like from course to course
  • (20:39) His current favorite tech tools and programs
  • (21:23) What Jeremy might have done differently if he was starting over today
  • (22:29) Where he goes to get inspired and motivated about his craft
  • (24:35) What he’s focused on getting better at these days
  • (25:00) Jeremy’s advice for ranking high on Udemy
  • (27:24) His encouragement for aspiring course creators
  • (29:32) The results I’ve seen from my own Udemy experiment

We covered a lot of interesting ground today, so I hope enjoyed hearing our chat plus the results and feedback I have on his suggestions after having implemented some of them with my own course. Until next time!


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