I’m back with a very special episode of The Online Course Guy podcast! This was a first for me: I had the chance to talk with a course creator who, like me, has an online piano course! Steve Lungrin joined me to chat about the many fascinating lessons he’s learned with his course, and I really enjoyed hearing from someone in the same online space as me.

It’s less about making sales, and more about finding the right customers.
-Steve Lungrin

Steve was super-transparent about his journey both with the piano as an instrument and his course creation process. Even if you aren’t focused on music courses specifically, you’re going to hear lots of tips that could help you no matter what topic you’re teaching!

In This Episode, We Talked About:

  • (4:43) How Steve first got into playing piano
  • (7:01) The seemingly-random scenario that luckily led him to a different approach
  • (8:32) Why Steve was initially skeptical about turning his passion for piano into a career
  • (9:55) What led him to take his know-how and turn it into an online course
  • (12:40) How he started pulling in 4 figures monthly about 6 months after setting up his course
  • (15:43) What’s changed in his business over the years, and some future changes he may make
  • (18:05) Steve’s thoughts balancing a course structure with the actual lesson content
  • (20:04) His advice for anyone looking to create their own course
  • (21:27) What he would do differently if he was starting over today
  • (21:50) How changing technology has impacted his business and led him to evolve over time
  • (22:56) The most important lesson he’s been learning recently
  • (25:12) What Steve’s sales funnel currently looks like, and his detailed plans for what he wants to add into his funnel
  • (28:31) His plans for revamping his pricing structure
  • (28:59) The platform he swears by for his online course
  • (30:46) Steve’s biggest struggle over the years as an entrepreneur
  • (31:28) His advice for anyone working on their business
  • (35:47) What Steve hopes every entrepreneur will remember

Steve was dropping the knowledge bombs left and right with this interview, and I’d love to hear what stood out to you most! Drop me a line and let me know what you most enjoyed with today’s episode.

And stay tuned for next time – I’ll be doing a special solo show explaining the ultimate top three sales funnels!


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