I’m back with another interview, this time with Rob Hampton, an experienced guitar teacher and course creator. Rob’s course creation journey and unusual approach to his niche of choice provides a lot of food for thought and a lot of passion to be inspired by.

Be nimble, be tough… Keep your list warm.

-Rob Hampton

It was great to hear what has (and hasn’t) worked for Rob as an online entrepreneur, as well as where he might be headed in the future. Thinking outside the box is definitely worthwhile, and I hope you’ll apply this idea to your own niche to see what interesting new ideas you come up with!

In This Episode, We Talked About:

  • (4:43) Rob’s guitar and guitar teaching journey – and what got him interested in teaching online
  • (6:20) The steps he took to start building content, and what that looked like back in the early days of online tech
  • (7:04) His explanation of chord charts as they relate to his guitar approach (a topic which is useful to know about for my piano course, too!)
  • (8:55) What led Rob to transition his website from a “business card” to an online learning resource
  • (10:23) The significance of his Alexa Rating, and where a lot of his traffic is coming from
  • (12:38) The importance of lead magnets and attracting the right kind of student
  • (14:03) What Rob would do differently if he was creating his first course now
  • (15:16) The exciting new niche he is targeting with his new course
  • (15:33) What he sees as the benefit of offering chord chart resources online, and what excites him the most about teaching guitar
  • (18:13) How getting ahead of the curve with posting guitar resources helped him boost his SEO ratings very early on
  • (19:29) The inspiration and steps behind his current and upcoming courses
  • (20:39) A challenging aspect of finding the correct niche and converting traffic into sales – plus how he’s using what he’s learned to plan for future course offerings
  • (22:40) The difficulties of engaging with his core course demographic based on his current subscription model
  • (24:41) What seperating his online business into two segments looks like for him now as he launches his latest course
  • (27:30) How Rob identified pain points and motivations for his second target demographic
  • (31:15) The exciting ways that his new course will help aspiring musicians and performers
  • (34:44) How he rates the current trajectory of his launch, and his biggest recent takeaway
  • (39:58) The best mindset and strategy to have when developing online courses
  • (40:40) How Rob was able to create his website, sales funnel, and lead magnets without outsourcing
  • (43:18) The software and resources he’s used along the way
  • (45:17) His top advice for new course creators

We discuss all that and much more on today’s episode, so I hope you enjoyed what you heard! Feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you found most helpful about this interview – and make sure you subscribe!


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