On today’s episode I brought on a guest who would have really come in handy about a year ago! Susie Parker is a sleep consultant and course creator who candidly shared with me what her course creation process has looked like, what she’s learned along the way, and what she’d do differently if she was just starting out today.

You need to pre-sell. Don’t spend a ton of time creating until you know you’re going to be selling.

-Susie Parker

Susie really got me thinking about some of the intricacies of course creation and niche marketing. It was a pleasure to speak with her, and I hope you enjoy listening in!

In This Episode, We Talked About:   

  • (3:00) Susie’s journey into sleep consultancy
  • (5:25) How she got started in the course creation world
  • (6:19) The early mistake she made, and what she learned as a result
  • (7:15) What her early forays into building her website and sales funnel looked like
  • (8:45) How she’s balanced her course sales with one-on-one consultation sales
  • (11:02) Susie’s observations on the different demographics in her audience
  • (11:43) The simple way she addresses her customers’ pain points
  • (14:10) Her thoughts on the pros and cons of creating scarcity for her audience
  • (15:24) Why she currently uses Teachable, and what she is transitioning into using for the future
  • (21:16) Susie’s take on her sleep consultancy certification and its effects on her business
  • (23:29) Where the majority of her traffic comes from, and how her SEO strategy has evolved over time
  • (24:49) Her most recent business struggles
  • (29:43) Her goals for future hiring/outsourcing and what she’s experienced during platform transitions
  • (33:22) Susie’s advice for anyone interested in creating an online course

Whew! That about does it for today – time for a quick nap. 😉 Don’t forget to join me for the next episode of The Online Course Guy!


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