One of the things I love about doing this podcast has been learning from fellow course creators – some of whom are teaching topics that are super-different that mine and some who are actually my competitors. Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Zach Evans, a fellow course creator focusing on teaching piano online. Hearing where our businesses are similar and different provided some interesting food for thought.

Here’s a video. Watch the video, do exactly what I say, and see if it works. If it works, you can sign up for my course.

-Zach Evans on his marketing approach

It was awesome to have a chance to finally speak with Zach! I hope you enjoy listening in.

In This Episode, We Talked About:   

  • (3:34) How Zach initially started building his piano resource business
  • (6:35) The reason he set up so many websites and courses, plus his thoughts on the process today
  • (9:22) Zach’s marketing approach and sales funnels
  • (11:36) Where his traffic comes from
  • (12:58) His target audience and ideal customer
  • (14:07) The ROI he’s currently getting on different social platform ads
  • (16:30) His thoughts on costs per lead in paid advertising
  • (17:25) A surprising observation on who our courses tend to attract
  • (18:18) Why Zach has set up his courses on a membership model
  • (19:11) The online tool he relies on for his business
  • (20:05) The amount of time Zach spends on his business each week, and what he’s using his free time for these days
  • (21:11) How creating successful online courses has impacted his lifestyle and goal setting
  • (22:13) Zach’s current biggest struggle in his business
  • (23:23) His advice for new course creators

We discuss all that and more, so don’t forget to drop me a line and let me know what you enjoyed about today’s episode!


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