Today’s interview was jam-packed with inspiration, so I’m glad you’re here! Mike Goncalves is a life coach, podcaster, and successful course creator who is all about helping people live their best life. He’s learned some fascinating lessons while growing his business, and shared a lot of insight that any new course creators can learn from.

Create something even if you think it’s ugly and dumb and no one’s going to buy it. Create it anyway, and put it out there.

-Mike Goncalves

I really appreciated Mike taking the time to share his perspective on evolving course offerings over time and leveling up in all sorts of ways when it comes to running an online business. Enjoy!

In This Episode, We Talked About:   

  • (3:31) Mike’s online courses and where he is focusing his efforts these days
  • (4:44) How he views his courses when looking at his business overall
  • (6:10) His main website and how he funnels traffic towards his favorite aspect of teaching
  • (8:16) Why he doesn’t market aggressively for his courses (at least for now)
  • (9:56) The drive behind continuously improving course content
  • (10:47) The positive and negative sides to feedback Mike received on one of his course’s names
  • (12:28) How past hiccups have ultimately helped him improve his business – and why imperfect efforts are nothing to be ashamed of
  • (13:38) The important steps Mike has taken to ensure the success of his newest course
  • (18:39) Why he decided to partner with a fellow expert in the coaching space while working on his newest course offering
  • (20:09) How past experience has shaped the way he’s set up his current partnership
  • (22:37) Mike’s approach to launches and enrollments
  • (24:33) The interactivity that really set’s Mike’s course apart
  • (25:56) His course pricing strategy
  • (27:46) How he handles the tech side of his business
  • (29:28) Mike’s biggest struggle these days, and his counterintuitive response
  • (32:02) His advice for aspiring and new course creators

What was your favorite tip or insight from today’s interview? Please feel free to drop me a line via email and let me know – plus don’t forget to subscribe!


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