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Recently I had the chance to talk with Instagram influencer and online course creator Elise Darma. She had plenty of great tips not only for Instagram but for how to develop a personal brand and create a community around the knowledge we course creators are trying to share.

If you’re starting from absolute scratch, build your community first.

-Elise Darma

I’m still mulling over what I learned in today’s episode, and I think you’ll enjoy what you learn, too. Enjoy!

In This Episode, We Talked About:

  • (2:51) Why and how Elise balances her travelling with time at home
  • (4:37) Her course format and why teaching different topics online can come with different challenges
  • (6:00) How Elise keeps her students accountable for what they’re learning
  • (7:04) The way her background informs her two courses
  • (8:19) What led to the creation of Elise’s first course
  • (11:07) Why she developed a pre-launch sales strategy, and how she handled content creation on a tight timeline
  • (13:35) The sales results she’s gotten since debuting her course
  • (14:13) How Elise learned the skills that she’s now teaching
  • (16:58) The way she posts on Instagram to create a personal brand story
  • (18:10) Her perspective on how coaching and project managers factor into the success of her brand
  • (20:23) Elise’s advice for people interested in hiring a coach
  • (22:07) Ideas for marketing through Instagram – even for those of us selling non-physical products
  • (27:05) Her webinar funnel and sales sequence
  • (31:08) Thoughts on using ClickFunnels and evergreen webinars for marketing
  • (34:02) How she gets traffic to her funnel
  • (38:12) Her perspective on how some people seem more focused on revenue than profit
  • (41:11) Elise’s advice for anyone interested in created their own online course

We discuss all that and much more, so don’t forget to shoot me an email and let me know what you enjoyed about today’s episode!