For today’s episode I brought on Marisa Meddin, a former marketer and e-commerce entrepreneur who’s now focused on her online course business teaching parents how to prep their children for college. We had a great chat and talked about a topic I haven’t really covered much in other interviews, so I hope you enjoy listening in!

Think about what you want your life to look like and work backwards from there.

-Marisa Meddin

I know I came away from our talk with lots of food for thought, and I think you will too! I hope you’ll drop me a line and let me know your favorite part of our conversation.

In This Episode, We Talked About:   

  • (2:50) What let Marisa to create a course and stop selling physical products
  • (5:08) The information her online course covers and who it’s for
  • (6:22) How she identified her niche
  • (8:08) What it took to get from the idea stage to launching her course
  • (9:26) Her take on her current lack of competition in the online course space
  • (11:28) The greatest challenge she faces when differentiating between her course and one-on-one coaching
  • (12:07) How she markets and attracts traffic, plus she’s currently spending on certain types of ads
  • (13:38) Marisa’s favorite tech tools
  • (16:46) Her sales funnel setup
  • (18:44) How she currently uses scarcity techniques, and where she’s looking to increase scarcity in the future
  • (20:25) What Marisa’s daily routine looks like
  • (21:10) One of the big benefits she’s seen since starting her own online course
  • (22:53) How she makes sure she keeps her days and workload on track
  • (24:35) Our thoughts on choosing where to draw the line between what you’re willing to provide to customers compared to what they’re willing to pay
  • (28:44) Outsourcing and how job creation for others can help course creators reach their lifestyle goals
  • (30:25) Course pricing strategies and how charging what you’re worth can benefit your customer as well as you
  • (36:10) A cool tool for a very specific purpose
  • (37:53) Marisa’s top advice for aspiring course creators

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