Neil Napier was my guest for today’s episode, and having him on was definitely inspiring! He’s course creator whose mission is to help online entrepreneurs gain confidence and make sales, one tangible goal at a time. He’s also the co-founder of Kyvio, a tool for online entrepreneurs and course creators.

Simply get things done as best as you can, put it out live, and get some feedback [to] see what people think about it.

-Neil Napier

Neil has some great info and tips to share, especially for people who might be hesitant about getting started with their online course. He also provided some interesting insights into how Kyvio can help course creators set up sales funnels and membership sites from start to finish.

In This Episode, We Talked About:

  • (2:46) Why Neil got started in the online course space
  • (3:43) The learning curve he faced when creating his first course and a few of the tools he used
  • (5:07) The tool he now uses for his funnels, email marketing, and membership sites (hint: this own company)
  • (6:52) The pros and cons of Kyvio, ClickFunnels, and Kartra
  • (8:10) The process Neil uses these days to help identify what his audience wants before he creates new courses
  • (12:03) His recommendations for online course sales page
  • (13:24) How to determine and create the content for sales videos
  • (14:49) Kyvio’s business motto and the community they’re creating around tangible goals
  • (16:08) The sticking points that can prevent people from achieving their first $1,000 of course income
  • (18:00) What course creators can expect if they’re learning from Neil about how to reach that $1,000 goal
  • (20:04) Why he’s happy to share so much valuable content within his Facebook group and podcast
  • (21:37) His recommended next steps for course creators have hit their first goal and want to grow further
  • (22:28) Neil’s traffic-building strategies depending on budget and niche
  • (23:02) His most important advice for aspiring course creators

That about does it for today – don’t forget to join me for the next episode! Thank you for listening in.