What if you could start an online course with zero competition in your niche? That’s what Dr. Greg Bottaro has done, and it was so cool to speak with him and hear all about it. He also offered some great insights into starting online courses and how to find the niche that fits you best.

Find out how your passion and interests meets other people’s needs… Figure out what your experience and expertise can do to help the world.

-Dr. Greg Bottaro

It was great to get Dr. Greg’s perspective on what has worked for him (and what hasn’t), and I think you’ll enjoy listening in!

In This Episode, We Talked About:   

  • (4:10) What that led up to Dr. Greg creating a course
  • (6:37) How he moved from teaching one-on-one into the world of teaching online
  • (7:37) Dr. Greg’s most popular course and his thoughts on potentially updating it in the future
  • (8:48) Why he’s loyal to Teachable as a course platform – for now
  • (10:03) How creating courses led him to write books as well (plus a potential downside)
  • (15:13) The pros and cons of the lack of competition in Dr. Greg’s niche
  • (17:51) Dr. Greg’s lead magnets and how he builds traffic
  • (19:13) How his marketing strategy has evolved and what he’s planning on tweaking in the future
  • (22:33) How he developed his pricing structure
  • (23:38) Balancing work and family when working from home
  • (25:54) His biggest struggle in his business these days
  • (28:06) Dr. Greg’s advice to anyone considering making their own online course

That’s all for now, folks! See you on the next episode of The Online Course Guy.


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