Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Millette Jones: coach, speaker, and online course creator. As someone with plenty of experience on both sides of the podcast mic, Millette was able to share some great tips not only her course covering podcast guesting, but also sharing practical ways that anyone can get started pitching podcasters.

If you’re just getting started, remember that you’re always an expert on your own story… Share your story and that will bring value to your audience.

-Millette Jones

Our conversation definitely gave me some food for thought, and I think you’re going to benefit from what Millette shared, too. Enjoy listening in!

In This Episode, We Talked About:

  • (3:20) Millette’s course on how to get booked for podcasts – and what initially sparked her interest in teaching online
  • (4:59) The steps she took to create her business
  • (6:13) Her number one observation on where people who want to get onto podcasts go wrong
  • (7:35) The difference between tooting your own horn and demonstrating the value you can bring to a podcaster’s audience
  • (8:15) The craziest pitch Millette’s received in her entire career, and her thoughts on how it could been handled better
  • (12:34) Her ideal student and what they can expect to learn with Millette’s course
  • (13:37) How she launched her course
  • (16:25) Why she’s happy with slow and steady sales growth
  • (17:47) The challenge of creating community around course enrollees
  • (19:41) Which platform and tools Millette is currently using
  • (22:29) The amount of time she has to spend on her course to keep it running successfully
  • (22:24) Other aspects of her business and a new area she is expanding into
  • (25:24) Where the majority of her traffic comes from
  • (25:56) Why she includes a banner on her site notifying visitors of cookies
  • (27:24) Millette’s thoughts on how podcast appearances can benefit entrepreneurs and course creators
  • (29:21) What she recommends for people who aren’t comfortable pitching themselves as podcast guests
  • (31:33) Her biggest current struggle with her business
  • (32:06) Millette’s advice for course creators who are just getting started

Thanks for listening and learning along with me today. I’ll be back next week with another interesting episode of The Online Course Guy! If you haven’t already, don’t forget to subscribe!