Happy Monday! I had a really interesting chat with Kerstin Cable recently, and I’m glad you’re here to listen in! Kerstin is a polyglot and online course creator who has a very unique main course – plus some more traditional ones as well. We talked about her rationale behind the language-learning approach she teaches, and what she shared gave me a lot of food for thought.

Make [your course] about half the size you think it should be

-Kerstin Cable

I’m still mulling over what Kerstin shared in today’s episode, and I invite you to do the same after you listen to our chat!

In This Episode, We Talked About:

  • (3:28) Kerstin’s courses and which she considers to be her “flagship”
  • (5:46) The unique setup and approach of her main course
  • (7:05) Her target audience and their typical pain points
  • (8:57) What Kerstin advises for people like me who are frustrated with their language progress (or lack thereof)
  • (12:41) How she developed her resources from her own language learning experience and other’s feedback
  • (13:43) Why she steered away from video content for her flagship course
  • (15:35) How her courses help students achieve their language-learning goals
  • (19:46) Kerstin’s live analysis of how someone like me could best benefit from her unique learning approach
  • (26:39) The way she’s set up her resources on Teachable
  • (28:26) Sales for her newest course so far, and how her podcast works as a marketing tool
  • (29:29) Other ways she drives traffic to her website
  • (31:44) How Kerstin balances her passions and interests with more practical concerns
  • (32:33) Why her courses aren’t all on the same platform
  • (34:08) How the “80/20” rule can be a great value proposition for students
  • (35:23) Kerstin’s advice for people interested in creating their first course

We covered a lot of interesting ground today, so I hope you’ll drop me a line and let me know your favorite part of the conversation! I’ll be back with another episode soon.