Welcome to another TOCG episode! Today I’m here with me, myself, and I, because I wanted to take some time to walk you through a topic that comes up a lot when I coach new course creators. That topic is traffic: why you absolutely need to find ways to drive traffic to your course and how to make that happen.

Stay consistent.

-Jacques Hopkins

There are three main paths to build traffic that I’m covering in this episode, and as you listen through I want to you to choose just one to start with – and make sure you listen all the way to the end for a traffic-driving secret that works great for me and can make a huge difference for your online course, too!

In This Episode, We Talked About:

  • (2:31) YouTube as a traffic source for my piano course and many other courses
  • (3:23) Podcasting for building traffic (and how this has been working for me for my second course)
  • (4:09) Why different media types are more suited to different types of content
  • (4:27) Choosing at least one traffic-building strategy for you new course
  • (4:44) A few simple tips for blog-driven traffic and how this has worked even for me as a non-blogger
  • (6:05) Putting out quality YouTube content in 2018
  • (7:07) A commonly-overlooked key to creating good YouTube videos
  • (8:11) What your main concern should be if you want your YouTube channel to stand out
  • (10:15) Two other extremely important keys to catching viewers’ eyes and converting them into clicks
  • (13:56) Podcasting to direct traffic towards your sales funnel
  • (15:07) The resource I recommend you check out to learn how to podcast
  • (16:16) Blogging to build authority in the minds of your potential customers
  • (16:56) How people usually find my courses
  • (17:39) Why creating my first course was a real eye-opener about how traffic-building strategy really works
  • (19:30) My #1 piece of advice for course creators when it comes to generating traffic

That about does it for today’s solo episode! Which traffic-building strategy appeals to you the most? Please drop me a line and let me know – I’d love to hear from you! And don’t forget to tune in for another episode of TOCG coming up soon.