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Not too long ago I had the pleasure of having Arantxa Mateo come on the show to discuss her online course business. There are a lot of weight loss plans and diets out there, but she has a different approach to the concept of weight management. Arantxa is very invested in her students’ success, and it was great to speak with her about her online course. Along the way, we chatted about some challenges specific to her niche and some advice that will be useful no matter what you plan to teach in your own course!

People are not looking for perfection. They are looking for you to solve their problem.

-Arantxa Mateo

Arantxa had awesome tips about weight management and an interesting approach to teaching. Though you may not be in her particular niche, there’s still plenty to be inspired by as you listen in to our interview!

In This Episode, We Talked About:

  • (3:15) Why Arantxa decided to create her own online course
  • (4:15) What makes her weight-management program unique
  • (5:57) How she teaches people to lose weight without imposing a specific diet
  • (8:46) Her educational philosophy
  • (9:07) Arantxa’s unique program name and how she came up with it
  • (12:11) The steps she took to create her course
  • (14:33) How she uses scarcity – and why she vetts her course enrollees before allowing them to sign up
  • (16:50) Why her sales strategy is based around building long-term rapport with potential students
  • (18:55) Arantxa’s email list
  • (19:25) How she generates traffic to her website without a very aggressive SEO strategy
  • (20:34) How she uses personal calls to determine whether people are good fits for her course and make sales
  • (24:42) The way Arantxa incorporates one-on-one training into some of her course options
  • (25:52) Her advice to people who are just getting started in the online course world

Thank you for listening in today – I hope you enjoyed what you learned! I’ll be back with another episode soon.