Today’s episode is quite different from those I’ve done before, but I think you’re going to find it helpful nonetheless! One of the questions I hear the most is about how I outsource a lot of my online course business emails, social comments, and more. So for this episode I’ve brought on Emily, a part-time contractor who’s been working for me on these and other kind of tasks for over a year now.

Clearly outline your expectations and provide a vision of what you think [the work] will look like long-term.

-Emily Z.

It was awesome to get Emily’s perspective on another side of my business, as well as hear her advice for people looking to hire remote contractors like her.

In This Episode, We Talked About:

  • (3:29) When and how Emily got started working for me
  • (4:13) The kinds of jobs she was considering when she saw my job post on Upwork
  • (7:31) Why I was looking to outsource certain aspects of email/comments and writing/editing
  • (8:09) What drew me to Emily’s application compared other contractors
  • (8:57) The job vetting-process from both our perspectives
  • (12:22) Her thoughts on her initial one-month trial period of working with me
  • (14:05) What her daily tasks and some other more sporadic things she helps me with
  • (16:57) Her current daily schedule and weekly hours
  • (19:36) A unique aspect of her schedule
  • (20:39) How Upwork works not only for hiring but as a platform for communication and payment
  • (25:45) Emily’s advice for people looking to get into remote freelancing work
  • (30:10) What she would look for if she was on the hiring side of the equation

I hope you enjoyed this relatively unconventional podcast episode of The Online Course Guy! I’ll be back in a couple days with more great info for course creators.