ClickFunnels – you’ve probably heard of this tool before if you’ve started or are interested in starting an online business. I am a huge fan of ClickFunnels, and I use it for both my piano course and here at The Online Course Guy. There are some big pros and cons that come into play with this popular marketing funnel tool, so get ready to hear what I love (and don’t love) about it!

One more thing: this episode is not sponsored by ClickFunnels. So what you’re getting here is my unbiased opinion. Ready?

In This Episode, We Talked About:

  • (3:08) How ClickFunnels originally got onto my radar and why it appealed to me
  • (5:43) My initial impressions of ClickFunnels compared to tools I had been previously using
  • (7:18) What I use it for today and my favorite features
  • (9:39) The three biggest reasons I love using ClickFunnels
  • (10:07) A feature that I’m not so fond of
  • (11:36) Pricing considerations and comparisons with another favorite tool of mine
  • (12:58) My thoughts on ClickFunnels’ membership site features
  • (13:32) An upcoming experiment I’ll be doing that course creators should find VERY interesting
  • (15:36) My recommendation if you’re interested in  marketing funnel tools for your business (link below)

That wraps it up for today! Please feel free to shoot me an email anytime and let me know what kind of marketing funnel tools you use, or any questions about what I’ve shared on this episode. Until next time!