If you’ve listened in one other TOCG episodes, you already know that a question I almost always ask during interviews is related to how different online course creators would handle getting started today if they didn’t already have a successful brand and business. I think this is a great experiment to work through not only for those of us who already have courses, but for new course creators to hear our thought process.

What kind of people do you help or want to help… and how are you going to help them?

-Jacques Hopkins

It was fun to think through what I’d do to get started if I had to do everything basically from scratch all over again. I’ve learned a lot over the course (pun intended) of developing my business, so while I hope I never do have to start over, I think there’s plenty of widely-applicable info here that you can learn from if you want to start your own course. 🙂

In This Episode, We Talked About:

  • (2:44) A thought experiment with some very limited parameters
  • (3:58) What I’d do first if I was just starting out and what I definitely do early on
  • (5:59) The top two books I want to read if I had to start from scratch
  • (6:14) The basic tech I couldn’t do without
  • (6:43) Niche-specific gear I’d need
  • (7:27) The three services I’d sign up for right away
  • (8:04) How long I’d be able to stay under-budget with this setup
  • (8:39) The very first steps I’d take to record and create my course
  • (9:55) How I’d set up my funnel and build my email list
  • (11:06) What I’d do to develop an online presence and branding
  • (13:38) How I’d try to build authority as well as get people into my funnel
  • (16:23) Getting from the point of sales to course launch (and what I’d pitch in the meantime)
  • (18:39) The most important things I’d be putting my time and effort into in those early days of my course setup
  • (19:34) How I’d use YouTube starting out
  • (20:36) Building out the actual course and how that can affect the sales funnel
  • (21:22) Why so many people seem to struggle getting started with their course
  • (22:10) How I can help you avoid reinventing the wheel when it comes to course creation

Thanks for listening in as I went through this little thought experiment today. Stay tuned for another TOCG episode coming soon!