Welcome back to another episode of The Online Course Guy podcast! My guest today has over 20 courses – and I’ve even taken one of them. Scott Duffy is all over Udemy and his name has come up time and time again in the Facebook mastermind groups I’m a part of. So it was only natural that I’d want to have him on my podcast. The conversation that followed covered a lot of ground and it was great to hear Scott’s advice for course creators.

What is that these people are trying to become?… There is room in this market for so many topics. There are thousands and thousands of topics, but you have to start by thinking about what your students will be or what they will do by the end [of your course].

-Scott Duffy

Scott provided some great food for thought and shared some interesting perspectives on all things course-related. Enjoy!

In This Episode, We Talked About:

  • (3:25) Scott’s tagline and why he emphasizes making learning complex topics accessible for his students
  • (4:25) What more advanced students are looking for and his thoughts on supply/demand for more in-depth courses
  • (8:44) The platforms where Scott makes his course content available
  • (12:15) His reasoning behind the recent switch he made in his pricing model
  • (14:55) How his business has evolved since his early success on Udemy
  • (16:35) Scott’s perspective on his approach to business
  • (18:25) How online courses have enabled him to quit his day job and be his own boss
  • (20:39) The leverage that building your own successful business provides
  • (22:10) Scott’s advice for anyone interested in getting started in the world of online courses
  • (26:02) The difference between creating an interesting course and a transformative course
  • (28:10) What Scott would do if he was starting over today
  • (30:40) His thoughts on how Udemy could have factored into my course’s success if I had gotten started there earlier
  • (33:35) The odds of supplanting a top-rated course on Udemy these days
  • (34:23) Scott’s new work-life balance after quitting his job
  • (37:08) His favorite part of course creation
  • (38:16) How the biggest struggle he faces with his business also gives him a competitive advantage
  • (41:43) Scott’s encouragement for aspiring course creators

We covered a lot of ground today, so I hope you’ll drop me a line and let me know your favorite part of the conversation! Until next time…