Welcome to the box! (Once you play the audio you’ll know what I mean.) Today’s episode is one of two that I’m recording as I do a whole bunch of online course brainstorming with some other awesome course creators. Lots of cool stuff is in the works, and for now I’m excited to share how I outsource course creation on today’s solo episode. Enjoy!

In This Episode, We Talked About:

  • (2:10) My experience with outsourcing entire courses so far
  • (4:13) How a poll of my existing students led me to my third outsourced course
  • (5:44) An exciting new resource I’m currently working on
  • (7:20) The number one lesson I’ve learned about outsourcing courses
  • (8:48) Two important boxes to check before deciding to create a new resource
  • (9:54) How to identify the best outsourcing candidates
  • (11:17) Vetting your best candidates
  • (11:56) The importance of collaboration during the outsourcing process
  • (13:32) How to keep the process both efficient and on track with your desired outcome
  • (14:22) Who to blame if your outsourced course doesn’t turn out the way you hoped
  • (15:08) The importance of fair compensation
  • (16:12) How I can help if you’re not quite sure how to take your course to the next level

Thank you for listening in – drop me a line and let me know whether you’d ever outsource a course of your own! I’ll be back with another episode soon.