On this short and sweet solo episode, I’m here to tell you about mastermind groups and why I am such a big fan of these types of groups. Not only that, I’ll tell you how to join a mastermind if you haven’t already (something which I used to be quite confused about myself). Enjoy!

In This Episode, We Talked About:   

  • (1:54) What is a mastermind, anyway?
  • (3:29) How to get involved in masterminds if you’ve never been in one before
  • (4:53) The different masterminds I’m in today and how they motivate me
  • (8:45) My recommendations for course creators considering getting involved in mastermind groups

That about does it for today! Are you in a mastermind group? Are you interested in starting one? Drop me a line to let me know – plus don’t forget to subscribe and join me for the next episode of The Online Course Guy podcast.


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