Today’s guest is one-half of Social Brand School and an expert on building traffic and sales through Instagram. It was great to speak with Julie Cabezas and learn how she and her business partner have been able to create a successful online course in their niche of expertise.

You want to make the course simple and actionable, to drive a specific result… A course that delivers on its promise is going to be successful.

Julie Cabezas

Julie shared some awesome tips not only about course creation but on how you and I can be more successful on social media through personal branding and much more. I hope you like what you hear!

In This Episode, We Talked About:

  • (2:09) Why and how Julie and her business partner decided to create an online course
  • (3:37) The reason they focus on Instagram for their lessons and resources
  • (4:38) How their business is set up between their agency services and online course
  • (5:28) Who their ideal clients are and what they’re looking for
  • (6:53) Julie’s take on why so many entrepreneurs struggle with social media strategy
  • (8:15) What she would recommend for online course creators who aren’t sure how to use Instagram for marketing
  • (11:06) How Instagram lends itself to building followings and sales quickly
  • (13:10) The passive and active sides of Instagram marketing that Julie and Samantha’s course teaches
  • (14:23) Their course launch and funnel setup
  • (16:54) How Julie and Samantha’s partnership works
  • (18:14) Julie’s take on how to build synergy to maintain effective partnerships
  • (19:25) Where most of their course traffic comes from and how their affiliate options help with sales
  • (20:35) Why their course is always available for immediate purchase
  • (22:23) Why they have intermittent spikes in sales
  • (22:57) The next course Julie and Samantha have in the works and why they want to branch out with their content
  • (24:31) How they bring additional advanced teaching to students through a mastermind group
  • (25:42) Julie’s favorite business tools
  • (28:00) How they process payments without paying a huge amount of fees each month
  • (30:00) Their biggest business struggles these days
  • (31:53) Julie’s advice for anyone thinking about starting their online course

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back with more cool tips and great insights from fellow course creators – don’t forget to subscribe!