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Welcome to another episode of The Online Course Guy! Today’s episode is the first of its kind, because I’m not only speaking with course creator – I’m letting you in on a coaching call.

Now, that doesn’t mean my guest is an online course newbie. Quite the opposite: Jason Dion has already done over 6 figures in course sales so far. But he’s been looking to transition from Udemy to his own domain, and that’s what our conversation centered around.

In This Episode, We Talked About:

  • (2:57) Why Jason wants to make some changes even though he’s already a successful course creator
  • (4:07) The reasoning behind his initial foray into Udemy and his pricing strategy so far
  • (7:44) How he’s done so far with his numerous courses on Udemy
  • (8:49) Who Jason’s target demographic is and why branching out appeals to him
  • (10:55) Where he’s currently at with building his business off Udemy
  • (12:08) Jason’s business team
  • (12:55) The dilemma he’s facing with pricing and how he plans to differentiate content on different platforms
  • (13:32) How his sales are doing so far without an integrated marketing funnel
  • (14:15) What Jason wants to learn from my approach to online courses
  • (15:10) Some questions that I use to help me determine how to advice course creators
  • (16:56) The simple basics of funnel marketing
  • (19:25) The biggest challenge Jason is facing as he sets up his funnel
  • (20:36) Free opt-in concepts for helping segment his audience
  • (21:46) Email auto-responders and other elements that will be helpful to Jason as he develops his marketing approach
  • (24:24) Thinking through segmentation and different potential funnels
  • (26:27) The types of content to include in marketing emails
  • (26:38) Why and how to implement scarcity
  • (28:31) Where Jason will be focusing his initial efforts during his business transition
  • (29:35) The way he plans to use pay-per-click advertising
  • (31:23) My recommendations for Jason as he works on next steps for his business
  • (32:31) Jason’s perspective for people interested in course creation on Udemy versus alternative methods

That wraps it up for today, but don’t forget to subscribe so you can keep up with all the latest episodes. Until next time!