I’m back with another interview episode, this time with Heather Jones, a.k.a. The Brain Trainer. Heather’s built quite a following on Instagram and is teaching her students how to lose weight and much more. Like all the best teachers, she’s teaching topics she cares about and is enjoying sharing knowledge that she’s already applied in her own life.

We get stuck in “It’s not going be good enough, who am I to do this, I don’t have all the certificates, I’m not an expert.”… But there’s going to be people that need you.

-Heather Jones

It was great to hear Heather share her thoughts on course creation and Instagram engagement – especially since my wife and I are actually taking a course on Instagram right now! I hope you enjoy what you hear.

In This Episode, We Talked About:

  • (3:34) How Heather got into the world of online courses
  • (5:38) Why she’s shifted gears from a completely different profession into her current business
  • (6:37) What prompted her to take the knowledge she acquired and put it into course form on Teachable
  • (7:46) How Heather’s initial launch went
  • (8:31) Her current course offerings as they’ve developed over time
  • (8:57) The role that phone consultations take in Heather’s interaction with prospective students
  • (12:04) Where most of her traffic comes from
  • (13:26) How she’s built her Instagram following
  • (17:05) The strategies she uses to maintain connection with followers and create engaging content
  • (20:40) How the GDPR has affected Heather’s business in the UK
  • (23:12) Some of Heather’s favorite online tools
  • (24:44) Her biggest business struggle these days
  • (25:24) Heather’s advice for beginning course creators

That’s all for now, folks! See you on the next episode of The Online Course Guy.