All the way back on episode 29, I interviewed Helena Lui about how she had quit her job after developing her online course. Since then, she’s multiplied her income many, many times over with her course business. I had to have her back on to hear how her business has grown and what has or hasn’t changed for her over this past year.

Scale with ads. Keep at it. Be persistent with your goal. Every day try something new.

-Helena Lui

Helena and I delved into some very important insights on all things webinar-related and much more! So get ready to take some notes and enjoy listening in!

In This Episode, We Talked About:   

  • (2:48) Reviewing where Helena was at back in January of 2018
  • (6:48) Her webinar and sales funnels
  • (8:06) Handling webinar chatlines
  • (12:36) The importance of providing clear information in webinars
  • (13:52) Lessons Helena’s learned through hiring someone to help with her webinar
  • (19:26) How outsourcing is going and how she plans to develop and outsource new content
  • (23.13) Helena’s sales funnel setup (plus why she wants her webinar attendees to join the webinar on a desktop computer)
  • (25:12) How she addresses the four possible outcomes after someone registers for a webinar
  • (28:29) A niche-specific way that Helena offers her students value if they enroll
  • (29:34) What happens if someone goes through her funnel and isn’t ready to enroll until later
  • (31:15) How increases in revenue have affected her lifestyle and business structure
  • (35:07) Tips on optimizing Facebook pages and posts
  • (36:43) Helena’s main business expenses
  • (38:19) Her advice for course creators who want to multiply their business revenue
  • (40:01) Determining what to upsell and what to include in an online course

Thank you for listening in – I hope you enjoyed what you learned!


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