2018 is almost at an end, but I’m here with another episode of The Online Course Guy! This time around I had the pleasure of speaking with Karen Campbell, an online course enthusiast who’s taken what she’s learned over the years to create her own successful art courses. Karen’s entering a new phase of her business strategy, so it was really neat to catch a glimpse of what that looks like and what she’s planning.

Record everything and figure out how to edit it later.

Karen Campbell

I really enjoyed my conversation with Karen and hearing about where her online courses are headed. There was a little something for just about everyone in this episode, so I hope you enjoy listening in!

In This Episode, We Talked About:   

  • (2:28) How Karen got into the world of online courses
  • (5:11) The first steps she took and new skills she needed to develop for her first course
  • (7:19) Thoughts on how initial hurdles can deter new course creators
  • (7:46) Karen’s first videos and how her content has changed over time
  • (9:37) The importance of finding a niche
  • (12:05) What Karen wish she had known about funnels
  • (16:06) Social proof and demonstrating product value
  • (18:41) Where Karen’s traffic comes from
  • (21:05) Getting started with funnel strategies
  • (23:08) Her Amazon offerings and ways to leverage books as part of her funnel
  • (26:12) Karen’s advice for new course creators

Thanks for listening and learning along with me today. Stay tuned for another great episode coming soon!


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