Ever feel like you’re darned if you do, darned if you don’t? That’s what so many fellow course creators have expressed to me on the topic of Facebook ads. But not to worry – on today’s episode, Monica Louie shared her top tips for Facebook ads, and talk about how she’s developed both a course and an agency on this challenging topic.

Give them some value. Build that relationship before you make the offer.

Monica Louie

It was great to chat with Monica and glean some really cool info along the way. I’m still mulling over what I learned in today’s episode, and I think you’ll enjoy what you learn!

In This Episode, We Talked About:   

  • (2:34) How Monica got started in the world of online courses
  • (5:15) Starting out with a course and building to an agency
  • (7:38) The importance of having Facebook ad knowledge – or choosing to outsource
  • (10:56) Monica’s course launch strategy
  • (12:15) Her sales funnel and affiliate sales
  • (13:06) Monica’s course pricing strategy
  • (14:25) The online platform and tools that works best for her
  • (16:30) How Monica got a testimonial from one of my favorite online entrepreneur gurus
  • (18:16) Her advice for course creators who want to boost their ROI with Facebook ads
  • (21:10) Advice specific to people who already have a solid funnel
  • (22:31) Monica’s recommendations for my Facebook ad targeting

Whew! That about does it for today – don’t forget to join me for the next episode of The Online Course Guy!


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