At long last, I’m back with an all-new episode of The Online Course Show! Lately I’ve been seeing some awesome growth in newcomers to the show, which has been really exciting. In fact, some of you have told me that you went all the way back to episode 1 and have been binge listening ever since!

That got me thinking, and I realized that I need a new starting point for those who have only just discovered my podcast. I’ve learned a lot since my first episode, and I’m summarizing it all right here in this new Online Courses 101 episode.

Have a purpose for why you’re doing this and what you want to create… Push through and do not give up.

-Nate Dodson

Nate Dodson was with me right at the very beginning of my podcasting journey, so it’s only fitting that he’s joining me for this episode. I hope you like what you hear!

In This Episode, We Talked About:   

  • (3:14) A quick introduction for those of you who don’t know me yet!
  • (4:08) Website updates and a brand-new community for online course creators
  • (4:52) What I have to offer you – even if you’re a complete beginner
  • (12:34) An introduction for Nate and his online course journey
  • (22:28) Nate’s coaching experience with me
  • (24:11) Where his course business is at today
  • (26:05) How Nate answers the “what do you do?” question + his microgreens business pitch
  • (29:36) What he feels he’s gotten right (and wrong) with his online course business
  • (32:17) My own online course journey
  • (42:14) How I got past a long-term revenue plateau + my current average revenue
  • (44:38) What I think I could have done better early on
  • (47:30) What I do each week to keep my piano course “machine” running
  • (50:20) Why Nate and I have a seasonal approach to working on our businesses
  • (51:28) The reason we meet on a weekly basis
  • (56:41) The why and how of webinars
  • (1:00:31) Nate’s advice for aspiring course creators
  • (1:03:17) Avoiding a mistake that far too many new course creators make
  • (1:07:21) Our tips and favorite resources for people who want to take their course to the next level
  • (1:18:12) Where to start if you are interested in starting your online course journey

We covered a lot of ground today, so I’m curious about which parts of today’s episode stood out to you the most! Feel free to drop me a line and let me know your favorite part of the conversation. Plus, don’t forget to check out all the resources and goodies linked below! Until next time…


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