Welcome back to my latest episode! I’m getting into the swing of things with more interviews with real online course creators – people who’ve actually managed to take their passion or hobby and turn it into a tangible learning program for others.

My guest this time was Trevor Dimoff of EpicSongWriting.com. He’s relatively new to the online course world, but he’s hit on a really cool method of identifying what his market needs and how to create relationships with potential students.

Talk to people and find out what they think… [you] need to know how to communicate with someone who is just getting started.

Trevor Dimoff

I loved hearing Trevor’s story, because it puts a fresh spin what course creation and marketing can look like. He also was transparent about what he feels his early mistakes are, and what he’s learned from them. I think you’re really going to enjoy the food for thought in our conversation. 😉

In This Episode, We Talked About:   

  • (3:25) My previous episode on making sales over the phone
  • (3:58) Trevor’s process creating and updating his course
  • (5:32) Why he started a blog before an online course
  • (5:58) The research and phone call process that gave him insight into his market
  • (9:02) Trevor’s approach to teaching songwriting online
  • (9:46) What makes his course preparation different from a lot of other course creators – and how it made his launch a success
  • (11:47) Marketing and course development
  • (13:15) Trevor’s pricing strategy and content delivery
  • (14:19) A mistake involving complexity
  • (15:09) The timeline for Trevor’s initial course
  • (16:40) His new launch strategy and some regrets
  • (19:04) Why he’s hesitant to outsource so far
  • (19:26) Trevor’s advice for aspiring course creators

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back soon with more cool tips and great insights from fellow course creators – don’t forget to subscribe!


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