Today’s guest has helped create a huge number of courses and has 9 years of experience in the online course world. It was a pleasure to speak with Randi Buckley on all sorts of interesting topics from refunds and customer satisfaction to outsourcing and more. 

Just go for it. You might have to test out what works for you… take what works and see what sticks.

-Randi Buckley

Randi’s passionate about what she does and had plenty of great advice for aspiring course creators. I hope you enjoy listening in on this conversation with a seasoned veteran of online courses!

In This Episode, We Talked About:   

  • (2:45) Randi’s online course offerings and how she got started
  • (4:51) The timeline for creating and marketing her first course
  • (7:03) Where Randi hosts her courses
  • (7:46) Her take on course availability and scarcity
  • (9:09) The secret behind where most of her traffic comes from
  • (10:45) Her thought process on using her name as branding
  • (12:09) How Randi approaches outsourcing
  • (13:49) What she would do differently if she were starting over today
  • (16:59) Her advice for beginner course creators
  • (18:54) Randi’s unique take on refunds and maintaining customer happiness
  • (22:58) An example of a recent refund I gave and Randi’s thoughts on how she would have handled it

That wraps it up for today, but don’t forget to subscribe so you can keep up with all the latest episodes. Until next time!


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