Does the idea of making videos for your online course scare you? Believe it or not, you don’t have to have videos to teach a course. Course creator Tanner Guzy has the proof in the pudding – he’s reached 6-figures with primarily text-based lessons!

See what works and what doesn’t, then you can adapt… you can plan yourself into oblivion, whereas if you’re out and actually doing stuff that’s where you’ll start to see results.

Tanner Guzy

I really enjoyed my conversation with Tanner! As a student of his myself, it was cool to hear how his business works from the inside. There’s lots to think about and lots of great advice to take in.

In This Episode, We Talked About: 

  • (3:39) What led Tanner to create his first online course
  • (4:50) How he found his niche
  • (6:07) His first steps towards course creation
  • (8:17) Launch strategy and sales techniques
  • (9:12) Tanner’s experience with a popular course platform
  • (9:57) An atypical approach to course content format
  • (13:24) His current sales funnel
  • (19:01) Coaching vs. courses
  • (20:22) Where Tanner’s traffic comes from (his answer was a first for this podcast!)
  • (25:13) What he’d do differently if he was starting over

Thank you for listening in – I hope you enjoyed what you heard! I’ll be back with another episode soon.


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