This is a first for this podcast: my guest today is not only a successful course creator – she’s an online course coach and consultant! Though Janelle Allen and I work in the same online space, we really aren’t competitors. That’s because we have different approaches and different niches we are reaching.

At the end of the day, I think [your online course] has to be something beyond making the sale. It’s about having an impact and helping someone.

-Janelle Allen

It was great to geek out over online courses and coaching with Janelle! Enjoy listening in, and don’t forget to check out her podcast too (link below).

In This Episode, We Talked About:   

  • (3:02) What being an instructional designer means to Janelle and why she focuses on user experience
  • (5:42) Janelle’s perspective on understanding your market as online course creators
  • (6:58) Course content and the value of building learning communities
  • (10:14) Debunking myths about passive income
  • (11:54) Janelle’s podcast and how the power of listening has led her to expand her online offerings
  • (14:19) Focusing our efforts as course creators
  • (16:12) How Janelle teaches her students to validate their course concept and launch
  • (17:37) Favorite launch strategies and the importance of “ask campaigns”
  • (21:08) Comparing course platforms
  • (25:14) Why Janelle’s opinion of Udemy has shifted over time
  • (27:14) How to get testimonials and social proof
  • (30:31) Janelle’s favorite resources and tools
  • (31:37) Her perspective on how online courses can change lives

Thanks for listening and learning along with me today. Stay tuned for another great episode coming soon!


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