After a bit of a break, I’m back with another online course creator interview! Jason Resnick of and I had a great conversation about the topic of today’s episode: interaction. It’s one simple word – but how do you handle interaction with the people who are on your email list, let alone enrolled in your course?

Be open to [your audience’s] ideas… Hear how these people want to learn, and then apply that to whatever you’re building.

Jason Resnick

It was great to chat about some of the similarities and differences between how Jason and I handle interaction. There’s a lot here to mull over, so put on your thinking cap and enjoy!

In This Episode, We Talked About:   

  • (2:22) How Jason aligned his course with prospective students
  • (3:05) What “interaction” means to Jason and how he implements it at different points along his funnel
  • (6:45) How and why he uses one of my favorite apps
  • (9:10) The reason behind Jason’s interaction-heavy approach
  • (10:22) The skepticism that we sometimes encounter when sending personalized messages
  • (13:34) Why and how Jason created his own online course
  • (20:12) Using a membership model
  • (22:26) What Jason’s course actually entails
  • (24:23) The pros and cons of different community platforms
  • (26:09) Why he chose to create a membership site instead of charging students a one-time fee
  • (28:20) The platform and plug-ins Jason uses for his course
  • (30:09) How Jason gets things done as a one-man show
  • (32:11) The ways that having an online course affect Jason’s life
  • (34:04) Jason’s advice for new course creators

Thanks for listening and learning along with me today. Stay tuned for another great episode coming soon!


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