Rather than interview a course creator this week, I’m bringing you something a little different but very relevant. Deadline

Funnel is one of the most important tools I use when it comes to selling my online course, and I know a lot of other people out there who feel the same way. So it’s my pleasure to bring you an interview with Jack Born, founder of Deadline Funnel and marketer extraordinaire.

If you see the potential, don’t let your doubts and anxiety . . . stand in the way.

Jack Born

Jack shared insights on funnels, marketing, and communicating with integrity. So grab a cup of coffee and get ready for an awesome interview!

In This Episode, We Talked About:   

  • (3:15) The top question my listeners have for Jack, and the story behind his reply
  • (8:23) Jack’s thoughts on authenticity and integrity in funnels
  • (11:59) Product launch strategies and limitations
  • (14:49) How to handle sales after a deadline ends
  • (18:23) Evergreen marketing, timing, and business growth
  • (20:23) Jack’s advice on helping students benefit from your course
  • (24:00) How automation can free you to improve other aspects of your business
  • (25:10) The problem with some launch strategies
  • (26:58) The danger of not having a deadline – and what having one can mean for your sales
  • (30:19) An example of how Deadline Funnel has worked for a business similar to mine
  • (34:14) The quickest way to help new students experience a “win”
  • (36:43) How Jack would respond to questions about automated emails
  • (40:17) Dealing with late enrollment requests
  • (46:44) How to increase conversions through the structure of your funnel
  • (50:48) Webinar discussion and The Sunk Cost Fallacy
  • (57:51) Jack’s thoughts on increasing ROI with deadlines 
  • (59:22) How you can get started with Deadline Funnel

We covered a lot of ground today, so I hope you’ll drop me a line and let me know your favorite part of the conversation! I’ll be back with another episode soon.


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