If there’s one thing that I’ve tried to do with my business, it’s to keep things as efficient and time-saving for me as possible. 

Outsourcing is a big part of that! And my recent conversation with Jason Dion of Dion Training was a great opportunity to focus in on the topic.

Take your time upfront and do it right. If you treat [contractors] well, they’ll treat you well.

Jason Dion

I’m still mulling over what Jason and I discussed in today’s episode. While not everyone has the same outsourcing needs, there’s a lot to take away and a lot of great ideas to consider.

In This Episode, We Talked About:   

  • (4:17) An update on Udemy, web sales, and more from Jason since our last podcast conversation
  • (7:10) Jason’s freelancing
  • (8:53) Comparing our different approaches when it comes to outsourcing tasks
  • (12:08) Hiring freelancers on a need-basis vs. growth mindset with full-time hiring
  • (15:23) How Jason has found his team and why he focused on hiring from the Philippines
  • (18:21) His favorite book on where to start with outsourcing
  • (20:07) Jason’s take on pay rates, benefits, and bonuses for freelancers
  • (25:13) How he handles the financial side of hiring in the Philippines
  • (29:11) The legal ins and outs of hiring contractors vs. employees
  • (32:26) How Jason and his team communicate
  • (35:40) Roles and responsibilities within Jason’s team
  • (37:00) The tool Jason couldn’t live without
  • (38:38) His top tip for vetting freelance applications
  • (40:28) Jason’s final piece of advice for course creators interested in outsourcing

I really enjoyed today’s episode, so thanks for listening in! If you felt inspired by what you heard, please do me a favor and take a second to leave a review of my podcast over on iTunes. I’d really appreciate it!


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