A very special guest joined me on this very special 100th episode of The Online Course Guy. Way back when I started this podcast, I wasn’t sure where all this would lead. But I knew I would have loved to listen to this kind of podcast when I was a new course creator. Ever since then, I’ve been looking forward to celebrating this 100th episode milestone, and what better way to do that than to chat with the one and only Niki Hopkins – my wife!

It was definitely scary… we said we were going to give it a year.

Niki Hopkins

I couldn’t have created my piano course without Niki, and it’s only fitting that today we discussed what this has looked like for our family and her perspective on online courses. Let’s dive in and hear her side of the story!

In This Episode, We Talked About:   

  • (4:20) What would be different about our lives if I had never gotten into online course creation
  • (7:27) An example of how not working “normal jobs” gives us more freedom and flexibility
  • (8:04) Niki’s business and how it evolved
  • (10:52) How we respond to people who ask what I do for a living
  • (12:57) Was Niki okay with me quitting my job before my online course was fully sustainable?
  • (16:56) Her first thoughts when I initially told her about my idea for an online piano course – and some of my previous ideas that didn’t work out quite so well
  • (18:06) Niki’s initial reaction to my strategy for course pricing
  • (19:10) Wrapping up and a note of appreciation

I hope you enjoyed listening in to this conversation between me and Niki on what online courses have meant to our family. Thanks so much for being the reason why I do this podcast – and here’s to many, many more awesome episodes to come!


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