Pinterest: I’ve avoided this topic until now, because I honestly haven’t known how this platform could fit into how I market my online courses. But that’s about to change today! Monica Froese is here to clue me in on how to make the most of this platform, and fortunately she has a ton of experience and knowledge to draw from on this topic.

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Monica Froese

Monica shared a wealth of insight on how to leverage Pinterest in different ways and what has worked best for her own online courses. I’m still mulling over what I learned in today’s episode, and I think you’ll enjoy what you learn, too!

In This Episode, We Talked About:   

  • (2:20) Monica’s online course history and course creation evolution
  • (6:54) A story about validating personal knowledge and turning that into product
  • (8:19) Why she’s such a fan of her favorite funnel
  • (9:52) Where Monica’s traffic comes from
  • (11:30) The reasons that Pinterest ads can be challenging for some
  • (13:33) Monica gives me recommendations on how to get started with Pinterest for my business
  • (19:27) Where Pinterest stacks up in terms of ROI
  • (21:27) What stage of your course creation process you need to be in to use Pinterest successfully
  • (24:01) Monica’s experience with Facebook groups
  • (28:09) Setting boundaries as your online community grows
  • (30:18) Advice on keeping course content updated
  • (35:00) A favorite tool that Monica has used to improve conversion rates
  • (39:26) Why she’s changed her opinion of Deadline Funnel
  • (41:11) Monica’s advice for new course creators

We covered a lot of ground today, so I hope you’ll drop me a line and let me know your favorite part of the conversation! Stay tuned for another great episode coming soon.


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