I love using my podcast platform to tap into the knowledge of other successful course creators, and that’s exactly what we’re doing today! Graham Cochrane has been involved in the world of course creation for a while now, and it was a pleasure to get to know him a bit – and hear his insights on the online courses.

A good online course gets people results.

Graham Cochrane

Graham had a lot to share, from evergreen vs. launch models and personal branding to favorite tools and working while traveling! 

In This Episode, We Talked About:   

  • (2:02) How Graham first got into creating online courses
  • (3:43) What course creation looked like a decade ago
  • (4:46) Were Graham’s courses an instant success?
  • (6:23) The secret to getting YouTube subscribers and building an email list
  • (8:54) How to stay motivated to keep generating new videos
  • (12:42) What Graham would do differently if he was starting over
  • (14:30) An overview of his sales funnel setup
  • (16:15) Handling evergreen sales with webinars
  • (16:57) Graham’s favorite online course tools
  • (17:32) The different facets of his business
  • (20:39) Keeping up with work while traveling
  • (21:36) Graham’s online course team
  • (22:05) What a successful online course business has meant to Graham and his family
  • (24:26) His best advice for new course creators
  • (25:53) How to connect with Graham

Thank you for listening in – I hope you enjoyed what you heard! I’ll be back with another interview episode soon.


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