One thing I love about having a podcast is that interviewing other course creators lets me tap into a knowledge base that’s bigger than my own! Today is no exception, because until this episode I didn’t know much about the how’s and why’s of virtual summits. But interviewing Bailey Richert was a great crash course on the topic. Hearing her thoughts on virtual summits has me convinced that I may need to give them a shot.

The truth is that it’s really easy to [set the bar high] if you come in with an attitude of serving and wanting to genuinely help people… you will be revered as that expert.

Bailey Richert

Bailey shared a wealth of insight with us during her interview, so I really enjoyed learning from her. How about you?

In This Episode, We Talked About: 

  • (1:56) Why Bailey is posting high-value content for a Facebook group
  • (6:04) The 30-Day Summit initiative
  • (9:15) What’s in it for people who join a summit
  • (14:18) Virtual summits from the perspective of relatively new course creators
  • (18:27) An example of how not to approach someone to be a part of a summit
  • (20:25) The difference between requiring sharing summits with others and having such great content that they want to do it anyway
  • (21:16) Why host a virtual summit
  • (24:16) Bailey’s strong opinions on whether new course creators should be doing virtual summits
  • (26:24) Bailey’s course offerings
  • (28:09) Her successful webinar strategies
  • (29:49) Thoughts on upcoming changes to ClickFunnels
  • (32:22) Favorite tools that Bailey uses for her online courses
  • (36:38) Where to find Bailey online

We covered a lot of ground today, so I hope you’ll drop me a line and let me know your favorite part of the conversation. And don’t forget to tune in next week for my exciting announcement about this podcast!


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