I’ve got a huge update for you today over here at The Online Course Guy! I teased this on last week’s episode, and now I’m excited to announce (drumroll please) that a brand new co-host will be helping me host this show from now on. And he is none other than David Krohse, longtime listener of the show and budding course creator who also helps me run things over on my Facebook is going to be a great addition to these interviews and conversations on the online course world. 

I’m looking forward to being able to bounce things back and forth with him along with our guests, and for both of us to be able to share what we’re learning along the way. I also think it will be cool to discuss this from the perspective of course creators who are in different stages of our journeys. With that in mind, I’m interviewing David today so that you can get to know him and kick this new status quo off to a great start. 

That feeling of getting that first sale is unbelievable.

David Krohse

In This Episode, We Talked About:   

  • (3:20) The story behind where David is today and the process of becoming debt-free
  • (20:32) Learning some financial lessons the hard way
  • (21:52) How David got into listening to this podcast – and a funny story about how his wife enrolled in my first co-host’s course 
  • (26:24) Our first interaction and David’s growing interest in creating his own online course
  • (28:22) What’s changed about my Online Course Accelerator course and why David committed to enrolling
  • (30:03) The response I’ve seen so far to making the Online Course Accelerator practically free
  • (30:26) David’s course creation process and launch
  • (37:06) Adjusting launch strategies and early sales
  • (38:02) What David envisions for his businesses online and offline
  • (41:33) Thoughts on having David join the show as a co-host
  • (42:52) My recent entry into the 2 Comma Club
  • (43:55) Some random questions for David to close out the episode (Cake may or may not be involved)

I hope you enjoy hearing our conversation and getting to know David a bit today. And I hope you’ll stay tuned for another great episode with our brand new format – coming soon!


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