It’s just me and you today – that’s right, it’s time for one of those rare solo episodes where the only person talking is me, myself and I. (Not for too long though, I promise). 😉 

As 2019 comes to a close, I want to give you a glimpse into the inspiration behind this show, some things I’m planning for next year, and even ways that I can help you with your own online course.

“You’ve really helped pull it all together for me… I went through your course and redid my whole funnel, and I’ve done $1200 in three days!”

-Student feedback from my Online Course Accelerator

In This Episode, We Talked About:   

  • (1:49) My journey towards creating this podcast and a pivotal email that helped kick things into gear
  • (6:27) Some awesome deals I’m offering you (including a free resource valued at $1,000)
  • (10:41) Feedback from one of my Online Course Accelerator students
  • (12:07) My ongoing love for ClickFunnels – and I can help you get started without too much effort
  • (14:05) Who is my Next Level Courses course for?
  • (14:40) A big goal I’m setting for this podcast in 2020
  • (15:29) What to do if you want to get in touch with me or join my online course community on Facebook
  • (17:09) Wrapping up

That about does it for this year! Don’t forget to join me and my co-host David in January 2020 – we have a bunch of great interviews and discussions lined up and coming soon. Happy New Year!


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OCG Episode 89

Piano in 21 Days

The Online Course Guy

Jacques Hopkins: Regular people are taking their knowledge and content, packaging it up in an online course and they're making a living doing it, but not everyone is successful with online courses. There's a right way and there's a wrong way, and I'm here to help course creators actually succeed with online courses.

Hi, I'm Jacques Hopkins, and this is The Online Course Show.

And off we go. Welcome aboard. Glad you're with us. This is The Online Course Show. I am your host Jacques Hopkins, and I'm excited to dive into all things online courses with you today. I'm coming at you today with a very different episode. There's no interview, no cohost, it's just me and my microphone and I just want to kind of put a button on the year and tell you about where things are going in 2020.

Today is Tuesday, December the 17th and this will be our last episode of 2019. We'll pick back up again with our regular format on Tuesday, January the seventh so just taking a short break for the holidays and also building a backlog of episodes up for the new year. But for right now, I just want to kind of look back at the history of this podcast with you, why I even started the online course guy brand, and I want to go over all the ways that I can help you with online courses in 2020.

It's that time of year where we're planning out next year, and so if you've got an online course on your list for 2020 or maybe making your online course more of a success in 2020. I want to be here for you and want to explain how I can best help you. So first, let's look back the very first episode of this podcast. It came out on June the first 2017 so over two and a half years ago, which is just crazy to think about and to be honest with you guys, I got the idea for this podcast back in 2015. I thought it'd be really cool, really great to have a show completely focused on online courses and just interview other successful course creators.

I knew that I personally would get a lot of value from a podcast like that, and I'm a big fan of creating things that I would like to exist, but that don't exist already. But the problem was back in 2015 that I didn't have much of a network. Piano in 21 days wasn't all that successful at that point. So I felt a little embarrassed reaching out to other course creators about coming on the show, and it was kind of an imposter syndrome thing playing out, but I'm just being honest with you with where were kind of my mindset was at the time. So I tabled the idea for awhile. Then in January, 2017 I reached out to a guy named Nick Loper.

I was thinking about putting my piano in 21 days book on Amazon at the time, and so I took a course by Nick Loper on how to publish an Amazon Kindle book. I went through that course and I did all the steps, but then I started questioning whether it was a good idea to take a book I sold on my own site for $97 and try to sell it on Amazon for less than that, like 9.99 or 12.99 or whatever the price point is. So I reached out to Nick for consulting on that topic since he's the one that made the course on the topic of Amazon publishing, and after speaking with Nick, he invited me on his podcast, the Side Hustle Show, which it has a pretty big reach.

Some of you may have heard of that podcast, or maybe that's how you found me originally was me going on Nick's podcast. I've been on that podcast a couple of times now. So I went on Nick's podcast that first time that came out in March of 2017 and within a couple of hours of that episode coming out, I had an email in my inbox from a guy named Nate Dodson. So the subject of that email was coaching, and here's what the email said:

"Hi Jacques.

I just listened to your interview on side hustle nation. It was awesome. Congrats on all your success. I'm trying to follow the same path and I'm starting to have success. I've done a little over 20K the last 6 months selling info products on growing and selling microgreens at All the traffic is coming from 6 YouTube videos and then he put in a link to his YouTube channel I did over a year ago. Then they go into a click funnels landing page, $49 one time offer, and a 6 email MailChimp autoresponder sequence, which I sell the money $149 course, though I just pause this sequence because I'm planning to do a webinar and raise course price to 497 and testing paid traffic. I would love, love, love, all in caps for your personal guidance and some accountability while I ramp this thing up. I have so many things I want to do and I just want someone to call me out on my BS and just start implementing. I heard on the podcast that you were taking on consulting and I would very much appreciate your advice on a one on one regular phone call type basis. You can use me as a case study for your new product, including video testimonials, recording, phone calls, et cetera, if that would be helpful. Let me know if that's of any interest. Totally understand if not. Best of luck and everything you are up to.

Nate Dodson"

So I responded to Nate that I was happy to help. I told him that my normal rate was $80 for a 30 minute coaching session, but if you agree to do a case study after that I would cut my rate in half to 40 and just for the record, I charged significantly more than that today for coaching. And so I did a couple of sessions with Nate, and I remember I was running around the lake here in town one day in April 2017 when I got the idea to turn those coaching sessions with Nate into the podcast that I had always wanted to create. That way I could start the podcast about online courses, but wouldn't have to constantly try to book guests, but it could still bring a lot of value to listeners. So that's exactly how this very podcast that you're listening to right now began.

So for the first roughly 20 episodes it was me coaching Nate, and it's really cool to hear Nate's progression through those first episodes since he did around 20K in 6 months before we met, like he said in his email, and then by the 20th episode he was making over like 30 or 40K per month from his course. And so 20 episodes in and knowing that I could help people succeed with online courses, I had the confidence to reach out to other course creators to come on and the rest is history. So this is episode 112 and most of the episodes to date have been interviews with other course creators.

So back in 2017 back when I created this podcast, I created a brand and a website The Online Course Guy, and I created a course on succeeding with courses called the online course accelerator, which I originally sold for $697 and that's kind of how I figured I would monetize this brand. And when I made version two of that course, I sold it for $997 and between version one and version two there were about 50 people that purchased that and actually just released version three of that course a couple of weeks ago. And neither one of those is the price anymore. It's actually free now. So you are probably thinking, what is the catch and what's in it for me? If I'm giving $1,000 course away for free? Well, there's three reasons that I'm doing this, all right?

First of all, this is my way of paying it forward. There are plenty of people that helped me on my journey and continue to help me to this day, and I want to be able to help you like that as well. Courses succeeding with online courses is not easy, and typical trainings on how to succeed with online courses are typically very expensive and put your business in the red right from the start. So I want you to start with as much momentum as possible.

Secondly, and similarly to the first reason. Creating and growing an online course comes with costs. You need software to host your course. You may need some recording equipment. There's various tools and resources that you may need for your particular course, and rather than online course training being just one of those costs. How about if I eliminate that one for you? I know that I would have appreciated that when I was a beginner too. And lastly, no, I'm not just completely selfless here. I am a business person after all, and my hope is that by giving you this course for free, you'll thank me by using my affiliate links inside the course when you decide to sign up for any software tools that I recommend. So for example, as you go through the, the process of, of your course and you decide it's time to sign up for something like Clickfunnels or Bonjoro or Deadlinefunnel or any of the other great tools that make our lives easier as course creators, then I hope that you'll decide to sign up for them through my link so that I get a small kickback from those companies.

So it's for these reasons that I think this is going to be just the ultimate win win. Now there is what you might call a textbook for this course, and it's my all time favorite book for succeeding with online courses and a reference it many times throughout the course, the Online Course Accelerator. That book is called Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson. In my opinion, this book could have simply been called the best way to create and sell an online course, because honestly, a lot of people don't realize it's 100% about online courses, but it's called Expert Secrets because you are an expert in something. And this book shows you how to package up that knowledge and successfully sell it as an online course.

So to prove to me that you have at least a tiny bit of skin in the game, that you're serious about this, and so that you actually have a copy of this amazing book that's going to be an awesome supplement to my course. I'm simply asking that you use my affiliate link for Expert Secrets to purchase a hard copy of that book, and that's my only request before granting you free access to my course. So head over to click on the online course accelerator at the top, or you can find the link in the show notes for this episode at from there, it will take you over to the Expert Secrets website where they actually offer the book for quote unquote free. And the way they put it is you just have to pay for shipping, which if you're in the United States, it's $7.99 it's a few bucks more if you're international. So pay the 7.99 for them to ship the book to you. And when you use my link, I'll get notified that you did that. And within 24 hours, you'll receive an email from either me or my assistant on how to log into the online course accelerator and get started learning online courses the right way with me.

So that's the deal with the online course accelerator. The new version is no longer a thousand dollars just buy a hard copy of Expert Secrets and get started for free. There's almost no risk for you and the potential upside is huge. For example, I got this message from a guy named Matt Santuary the other day, and here's what he said. I just want to say thank you so much for offering your training for free. You've really helped pull it all altogether for me at the end of 2018 and launched a course that helps performing musicians make a great living. I did a JV webinar and had 400 register and about 150 that showed, I only sold four courses at 247 so I knew I had something, but also knew my conversion rate stunk. So I took digital marketers trainings and changed my marketing strategy to offer a three part mini training. I spent $900 on Facebook ads, only generated 800 in sales. I got really discouraged and just kind of dropped the whole idea of selling a course. Then I found your podcast from an email from Jack Born of deadline funnel. I binge listened to about 30 episodes and I found out about the online course accelerator. I went through your course and revamped my whole funnel. I've done $1,200 in sales over the last three days. Now I can see that this is a scalable business that can be my main source of income. I can't thank you enough, Matt. So that's just one example of success found with the online course accelerator. So once again, go to and click on the online course accelerator at the top to get my course on succeeding with courses for free.

The next way that I can help you in 2020 is by giving you some awesome resources when you sign up for one of my favorite tools, and that's click funnels. I love ClickFunnels because it does so much in one platform. I host my courses there. All my funnels are there, my order forms are there and so on, and if you're a course creator or aspiring course creator. I highly recommend you use clickfunnels too, and when you sign up for clickfunnels using my link, here's everything that you're going to get from me. So you're going to get templates. All right? You're going to get my membership site templates, so the exact membership site like course portal for piano in 21 days. You'll get that imported right into your clickfunnels account. When you use my link, you'll get my templates for my top three online course sales funnels. So if you've been listening to this podcast, you know that selling your online course with a funnel is the best way to go.

And they're the top three funnels that I recommend for selling online courses, and I've got all those built out for you, and when you sign up for clickfunnels using my link, you will get those templates for my top three core sales funnels. You pick which one you feel like is the best for your business. Plug in all of your information and you're good to go. You'll also get a full website templates, so maybe you're like completely starting from scratch. You don't even have a website yet. Well, I actually ran my main website off of just click funnels for a couple of years just with clickfunnels pages, and I've gotten a lot, a lot of complements on that design, and I'm providing that for you as well. Lots of people have used that template for their website as well. You'll get all my order forms templates for piano in 21 days, and you'll get a free course called clickfunnels for course creators.

In that course, I show you how to best use click funnels as a course creator, and I'll walk you through how to use all these templates and how to set up a course and all that, and so you will get all those things completely for free when you sign up for click funnels using my link. To do that, just go to, or once again, just head to the show notes for this episode, the and you can find the link there. Next, I want to briefly talk about a program I have called Next Level Courses, which is for people that are already succeeding with online courses to some level. I want you to be making at least $500 a month from courses, and then that is my advanced training. That is my group coaching calls. Access to me. All kinds of good stuff for people just looking to take things to the next level to find out more information about that and to apply to next level courses head to and click on, you guessed it, Next Level Courses.

And in 2020, as you could imagine, I can help you through this podcast. I have a goal to put out 52 episodes of this very podcast in 2020 that's one episode every week. As you probably know, this is basically a weekly episode, but there are some periods where. To be honest with you, I get a little bit lazy and we don't have an episode for that week, but I'm giving you my word that we're going for 52 episodes here in 2020. So make sure you subscribe, like whatever you have to do to get notified that new podcasts are coming out and keep on listening to this podcast. This is a free resource that I put out there. You may notice I have some new sponsors here lately for the podcast that helps support the show this, this kind of side of my business and helps me to just put out regular content for you guys through this medium of a podcast.

And Hey, if you're listening, if you've been following me, if you've been going through some of my trainings, if you're working on an online course and you're following some of the advice that I'm putting out there, I'd love to hear from you. If you haven't reached out yet, reach out to me on Facebook or via email. Send me, send me an email to [email protected] I'd love to hear from you and what you're trying to accomplish with an online course, or if you're not in the free Facebook group already. I'd love to have you a part of that community as well. Several hundred people are in that group, so you can search up the online course community on Facebook or go to and click on community at the top.

And then lastly, let me tell you about the sponsor of this particular episode. The sponsor of this episode is deadlinefunnel. Many of you know, deadlinefunnel is one of my favorite tools, for course creators because it makes evergreen funnels actually work. It makes them real. And using scarcity in your funnels is so, so, so effective, but you've got to do it right and deadline funnel allows you to do it right. I've been using deadline funnel in my online piano course business for several years now, and if you have an online course business, I highly recommend you use it as well. The folks at deadline funnel have a special deal just for listeners of this podcast, they're actually doubling the free trial, so normally their free trial is 14 days, but if you use this link, you'll get a free trial for 28 days. Just go to that's, which is short for online course guy.

So guys that's going to do it for this episode. Just wanted to kind of take you behind the curtain and give you the origin story of this podcast and this brand and tell you all the things I've got going on to help you with online courses in 2020. Once again, if you want to find the show notes or any links that I mentioned throughout this episode, head to and guys, if this is your first time listening to this podcast, the next episode you need to listen to is back in episode 89. That's the online courses 101 episode. Check that one out next. And that's it from me for 2019 see you guys in 2020.

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